Greatest Hits: Limited Edition Clear/Gold Vinyl LP


Release date: 19 January, 2024

Greatest Hits

Gunners, time to get your hands on the first-ever 1LP pressing of the Greatest Hits featuring 8 songs including “Hard Skool”. Pressed on clear vinyl with metallic gold color-in-color effect and featuring a numbered premium tip-on jacket that’s wrapped in chrome met poly paper.  Limited to 3,000 units worldwide.

Side A

  1. Welcome To The Jungle (Side A)
  2. Sweet Child O’ Mine (Side A)
  3. Patience (Side A)
  4. Paradise City (Side A)


  1. You Could Be Mine (Side B)
  2. Don’t Cry (Original Version) (Side B)
  3. November Rain (2022 Version) (Side B)
  4. Hard Skool (Side B).

Vinyl LP